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Anger as Ally

It was the closest I ever came to being fired. Yet I was smart, loyal, hard working and got results. In fact, my sales team was ranked #1 or #2 for the past three years. The problem was I had a short fuse and fired a sarcastic comment at a Board member during a meeting. Of course, there was a reason […]

FOMO: Are you afraid of missing out?

Am I one of the last to hear about the word ‘FOMO’ – Fear Of Missing Out? Actually, I know all about it because I am, just like most everyone else, in the grip of ‘FOMO Addiction’ – the fear of missing out on something or someone more exciting, better, or interesting than what I’m […]

and the winner is….

Just because I’m not afraid to speak in public and have the ability to be direct, that doesn’t mean it’s my job to announce my opinions, judgments and POV. I wrote that last time. But since then, I’ve really been thinking deeper about the role I play in other people’s lives – and they haven’t […]

An odd position for my mouth

It seems I have an opinion about everything. A solution for every problem. A recipe for every party. Advice for any concern. I’m just realizing that my first response when someone talks to me is to offer something…my mouth starts moving, my vocal chords engage and out pops words of wisdom or some brilliant perspective. […]

What triggers me?

Someone who is much smarter than I am, David Rock (http://blog.davidrock.net/) studies the brain and how it’s affected when we are put under real stress. He describes five main ways we feel threatened in his S.C.A.R.F model. In my own words and understanding it goes something like this: S = Status If my boss promotes […]

So, where are you?

Whether you know it or not, you are here, right now, at this moment, in the present moment of your life. But are you really here? Are you absent? I don’t mean as in absent minded or playing hooky from school. I’m interested in whether you are connected to the people the your life. For […]