Anger as Ally

It was the closest I ever came to being fired. Yet I was smart, loyal, hard working and got results. In fact, my sales team was ranked #1 or #2 for the past three years. The problem was I had a short fuse and fired a sarcastic comment at a Board member during a meeting. Of course, there was a reason for the outburst, a good one it seemed to me. Yet, I was within a hair of losing a great job and experiencing a major setback to my promising career.

Turning to my coach for support, she asked me to recount the details of ten experiences when I felt anger. As I summarized my list, it struck me how problems with anger and problems with relationships are connected. It reminded me that Garrison Keillor remarked: “That’s what happens when you’re angry at people. You make them part of your life.”

Because I could not control my temper in a professional situation, I now had elevated that Board member’s importance to a new level in my life. Did I really want him to become so important? No. Yet, this key relationship was jeopardized because I wasn’t respectful and couldn’t control myself.

It is natural to experience anger; it is a gift from God. Yet He admonishes us: “And don’t sin by letting anger gain control over you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a mighty foothold to the Devil. (Ephesians.” 4:26-27) In what ways is anger difficult for you to manage? What other emotions seem to control you? What is the impact? Do you want it to change? How? Who can help?

God bless you!