An odd position for my mouth

It seems I have an opinion about everything. A solution for every problem. A recipe for every party. Advice for any concern. I’m just realizing that my first response when someone talks to me is to offer something…my mouth starts moving, my vocal chords engage and out pops words of wisdom or some brilliant perspective. Maybe some of the time I’m actually looking out for their other person’s best interests. But I’m beginning to wonder if I have another ulterior, perhaps hidden to me, motive. So I’m pausing now and asking myself some of these questions:

– In what ways am I trying to rescue this person?
– How am I trying to persuade her to think the way I do? (thus proving I’m right, smart, etc.)
– Why is he telling/asking me this? Does he really, really want my response or will letting him blow off steam or get his anxiety off his chest enough?)
– What would happen if I just closed my mouth and listened?
– How can I pray for her, right now? If I do open my mouth, do I have the guts to simply say, “Let’s pray about this.”